While designing WordPress theme sometimes we require to show different layout or design according to user’s – client’s browser or Operating System. So that we can achieve our best result as we want. In this article we will learn How to Add Browser and OS ( Operating System ) Classes in WordPress Body Class By Custom Function.

1. function.php file

Put the following code in your theme’s function.php file.

function codecanal_custom_body_class($classes) {
        global $is_lynx, $is_gecko, $is_IE, $is_opera, $is_NS4, $is_safari, $is_chrome, $is_iphone;
        if($is_lynx) $classes[] = 'lynx';
        elseif($is_gecko) $classes[] = 'gecko';
        elseif($is_opera) $classes[] = 'opera';
        elseif($is_NS4) $classes[] = 'ns4';
        elseif($is_safari) $classes[] = 'safari';
        elseif($is_chrome) $classes[] = 'chrome';
        elseif($is_IE) {
                $classes[] = 'ie';
                if(preg_match('/MSIE ([0-9]+)([a-zA-Z0-9.]+)/', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], $browser_version))
                $classes[] = 'ie'.$browser_version[1];
        } else $classes[] = 'unknown';
        if($is_iphone) $classes[] = 'iphone';
        if ( stristr( $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"mac") ) {
                 $classes[] = 'osx';
           } elseif ( stristr( $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"linux") ) {
                 $classes[] = 'linux';
           } elseif ( stristr( $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'],"windows") ) {
                 $classes[] = 'windows';
        return $classes;

2. header.php file

After that add the WordPress body class function your body tag in header.php file.

<body <?php body_class(); ?> > 

Now you can see the additional class to the body tag. So you can add custom design to your site.

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