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What are the technical reasons for why one shouldn't use mysql_* functions? (e.g. mysql_query(), mysql_connect() or mysql_real_escape_string())?

Why should I use something else even if they work on my site?

The MySQL extension:

Is not under active development
Is officially deprecated as of PHP 5.5 (released June 2013).
Has been removed entirely as of PHP 7.0 (released December 2015)

This means that as of 31 Dec 2018 it will not exist in any supported version of PHP. Currently, it only gets security updates.

Lacks an OO interface
Doesn't support:

Non-blocking, asynchronous queries
Prepared statements or parameterized queries
Stored procedures
Multiple Statements

Since the release of WordPress 4.2, support for emoji icons has been added into the mix of the many ongoing upgrades to the WordPress core. This has been continues with mixed reviews, in some cases emojis can be a welcomed fun upgrade to spice up your blog but from the more professional side of things they aren’t really needed.

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