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Here we will see how to install React.js on Windows setup. In order to install Node.js for Windows, you need to head over to the Node.js website and download the Windows version which is recommended for most users. Afterward, you should install it. NPM comes automatically with Node.js. You’ll need to have Node >= 6 and npm >= 5.2 on your machine.

When Magento is performing some tasks, it temporarily creates this maintenance file. Magento checks for its existence and if it's there will send users to the page you described.

It's supposed to automatically delete this file when done processing whatever task it was doing, but I've experienced occasions where something went wrong and it failed to delete it.

Every Magento installation has certain core configuration data already set. When you update those values from the administration interfaces, changes are saved mainly to core_config_data database table.

As always, there are times you need to get your hands on it. In some cases you will wish to chance settings directly from the code. This blog will demonstrates it in the proper way.

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