Attribute property binding for background-image url in Angular

Angular JS, Tutorials | 17 January 2019

In the Following example, we are going to applying background-image of a div to an @input value using angular directive [ngStyle]:

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Access Laravel site on another computer on same network

Laravel, Tutorials | 16 January 2019

Access laravel app from another PC using IP address in localhost.

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Add Custom font to TinyMCE Advanced

HTML, News, Wordpress | 15 January 2019

In this lession, we learn how to add/replace the fonts displayed on the dropdown using filter function in theme's functions.php file.

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How to add id and class attributes to a contact form 7?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 14 January 2019

You can add any id and class to a form by adding the html_id and html_class attributes into a [contact-form-7] shortcode.

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Click anywhere on Page except Specific div in jQuery

jQuery, Tutorials | 10 January 2019

How can I trigger function if I click anywhere on the page except one div element ? Here we will see how to click anywhere on Page except Specific div in jQuery. Here take and example, suppose the div or element ID is “ccEle”. You can apply click on body of document and cancel click processing if the click event is generated by div with id ccEle, This will bind

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How to set dynamic route for slug in CodeIgniter ?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 09 January 2019

Codeigniter posts url are dynamic generated from database data, so it can't define static route in the url. For that all dynamic routes define in route.php eith (:any) for any string in url.

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How to get last inserted id in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 08 January 2019

DB Class insert_id() method is used to get last insert id in codeIgnitor.

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How to change sub-menu class name with wp_nav_menu?

Wordpress | 07 January 2019

Here we will see how to change sub-menu class name with wp_nav_menu generated by wordpress. In WordPress, all sub-menus have the class 'sub-menu'. To change it to a custom class, add the following code in your functions.php file.

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How to create a custom select menu with CSS and JavaScript

CSS, HTML, Javascript, Tutorials | 03 January 2019

Here we are going to learn how to create a custom select box using CSS and java script. There are many solutions are available on another blogging sites. But, here I will show you one the most relevant method which is compatible in all modern browsers.

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