‘PHP’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

PHP, Tips, Tutorials, Wamp | 26 March 2019

when running php command in command prompt it gives an error like "'php' is not recognized as an internal or external command".here is a solution for this.

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Get posts having multiple categories in WordPress

Tutorials, Wordpress | 25 March 2019

If you want to show posts which have some specific categories for example have categories(Html, Wordpress, css). You can assign multiple categories per post.

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How to change the default radio or checkbox button design

HTML | 21 March 2019

Here I'll show you how to change default radio or checkbox button design using CSS only. This is the most easiest method to redesign default structure of radio or checkbox button. For this you can build simple structure of your HTML in the following manner.

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Search case sensitive string in codeigniter

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 20 March 2019

Normally mysql do case insensitive search. only some collations have case sensitive search. You can use following query to find the case sensitive data with case insensitive string.

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Steps to create “Virtual Host” using Wamp

Tutorials, Wamp | 19 March 2019

A "virtual host" is a path to the project's site in the wamp server directory set in your machine's "hosts" file.Follow below steps to create virtual host:

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How to Remove Query Strings From Static Resources in WordPress?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 18 March 2019

You can also remove query strings from your assets with code. Simply add the following to your WordPress theme’s functions.php file.

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How to get price in custom loop Woocommerce?

WooCommerce, Wordpress | 14 March 2019

If you are working any woocommerce custom template file and you have to require print the price of the products so, you can easily get from the below code.

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Add custom helper function in laravel

Laravel, Tutorials | 13 March 2019

There are many helper functions defined in the laravel core, you can define your own helper functions in laravel to avoid repeating the same code. It ensures better maintainability of your application.

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How to Creating Ancillary Classes in Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 12 March 2019

In some cases we want to develop Ancillary Classes that exist apart from our controllers but have the ability to utilize all of CodeIgniter's resources.

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