HTML5 Drag and Copy?

HTML, Javascript | 18 April 2019

In this blog I am going to showing great example of how to drag and copy the html5 element instead of moving by appending cloneNode function.

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Woocommerce add to cart with AJAX on single and variable products

Tutorials, WooCommerce, Wordpress | 16 April 2019

The main asset to ajax is that you dont need to reload the page to send data to the database, so the first step in the js creation is to prevent the page to reload.

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Opening a link in a new tab using JQuery

CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Tutorials | 15 April 2019

Using jQuery to Open External Links in New Windows. By using a jQuery script that runs after the page has loaded.

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How to vertically center the bootstrap modal

Bootstrap, CSS, Tutorials | 11 April 2019

This blog is about how to centered Bootstrap modal vertically of the window by using css. Without a declaring height of the element.

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Create & import Database using command prompt

MySQL, Tutorials | 09 April 2019

how to Create & import Database using command prompt? Here is the steps for Create Database & import sql file into the database from command prompt.

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How to create custom post types in WordPress?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 08 April 2019

Custom Post Types can help you organize your WordPress content more easily. Open functions.php file and paste the following code.

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How to hide scrollbar but, while still being able to scroll

CSS | 04 April 2019

Here, I will show you how to scroll through the whole page, but without scrollbar being shown. There are couple of way for hiding the scrollbar but, you would not able to scroll so, it may be a help for someone.

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How to Convert Array to Object and Object to Array in php

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 03 April 2019

In this post i show you how to convert the stdclass object to array and array to object, Stdobjects for pass data in json and arrays for database.

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‘mysql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command.

MySQL, PHP, Tips, Tutorials | 02 April 2019

'mysql' is not recognized as an internal or external command. here is a steps for setting the environment variable for mysql.

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