How to Access WooCommerce Product Tabs Directly via URL

Tutorials, WooCommerce, Wordpress | 07 February 2019

Here I am going to show you how you can access the WooCommerce product tabs directly via URL. The aim is to allow you to create custom URLs to access the products page with a specific tab active.

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International phone number validation using jquery

Javascript, jQuery, Tutorials | 06 February 2019

A way to check whether a phone number is correct with and without country code, with (+) or with (-), with space between numbers, different lengths of numbers validation of any phone numbers.

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Remove index.php from urls in Codeigiter

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 05 February 2019

In this blog, we will learn that how can we remove index.php from url in codeigniter. follow below instructions for removing index.php from url in codeigniter. .htaccess file in root directory .htaccess file in application folder In application/config/config.php search for and replace it with Now we will get URLs without index.php

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How to Require a Featured Image in WordPress?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 04 February 2019

The visual aspects of a site are important and many themes depend on the ‘Featured Image’ functionality in WordPress to provide a better visual experience.

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How to scroll through whole page without the scrollbar being shown?

CSS, Tutorials | 31 January 2019

I want to be able to scroll through the whole page, but without the scrollbar being shown.

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How to send email using codeigniter email library

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 30 January 2019

Adding email functionality to CodeIgniter applications deployed on any Web Hosting for PHP is a simple matter of using the email library. All you have to do is to set a few variables and the email is setup.

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How to use Codeigniter Libraries?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 29 January 2019

In Codeigniter, All libraries are located in "system/libraries/" directory. We can initialize library using this method: $this->load->library('class_name')

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How to use ACF flexible content fields?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 28 January 2019

The flexible content field is essential a wrapper for a group of layouts, so to loop through the layouts and target the sub field values, you must make use of a few extra functions. These are described below:

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How to create custom form validators using regular expressions in Angular 6

Angular JS, Tutorials | 24 January 2019

Here is a custom file which consists of our custom validation examples such as URL, phone number, US zip code, password, US social security number, etc.

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