How to change number of products per row

WooCommerce, Wordpress | 21 February 2019

If you are using WooTheme then this code may have been utilized in your theme and overwrite the default woocomerce code by writing the simple code in "function.php".

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Laravel form submit using ajax with validation

Laravel, Tutorials | 20 February 2019

Use laravel default validation with jquery ajax. Here we also print laravel validation message when false and true when get success response from backend.

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How to use Tempdata in Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 19 February 2019

where you want to remove data stored in session after some specific time-period, this can be done using tempdata functionality in CodeIgniter. Add Tempdata To add data as tempdata, we have to use mark_as_tempdata() function. This function takes two argument items or items to be stored as tempdata and the expiration time for those items are as shown below. Retrieve Tempdata We can retrieve the tempdata using tempdata() function. This

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How to create custom tags for custom post type in wordpress?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 18 February 2019

If you need to create custom tags for custom post types, here's what you need to do to add/allow "custom tags" to your custom post types in WordPress.

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How to open quick view pop-up outside of the woocommerce template?

WooCommerce, Wordpress | 14 February 2019

Open quick view pop-up outside the woocommerce template file by using custom code and simple ajax request.

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Laravel datatable using ajax

Laravel, Tutorials | 13 February 2019

Laravel yajra package is created to handle server-side works of DataTables. It is jQuery Plugin via AJAX option by using Eloquent ORM, Fluent Query Builder or Collection.

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How to use Flashdata in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 12 February 2019

we need to store some data for one time and after that we want to remove that. we can achieve this type of functionality using Flashdata in CodeIgniter. Flashdata will only be available until the next request, and it will get deleted automatically. Add Flashdata We can simply store flashdata as shown below. mark_as_flash() function takes only one argument of the value to be stored. We can also pass an

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How to Defer Parsing of Javascript in WordPress?

Tutorials, Wordpress | 11 February 2019

There are many reasons why you want to defer parsing of Javascript in WordPress. One of the most obvious reasons is speed. Normally, Javascript is being place in the between . When we are loading a website. you need to do is to copy the following code into the function.php of your theme: Example 1: Example 2:

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How to remove type attribute from script and style tags added by WordPress

Tutorials, Wordpress | 07 February 2019

Here we are going to learn how to remove type attribute from script and style tag added by wordpress.

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