How to get last inserted id in CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 08 January 2019

DB Class insert_id() method is used to get last insert id in codeIgnitor.

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How to change sub-menu class name with wp_nav_menu?

Wordpress | 07 January 2019

Here we will see how to change sub-menu class name with wp_nav_menu generated by wordpress. In WordPress, all sub-menus have the class 'sub-menu'. To change it to a custom class, add the following code in your functions.php file.

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How to create a custom select menu with CSS and JavaScript

CSS, HTML, Javascript, Tutorials | 03 January 2019

Here we are going to learn how to create a custom select box using CSS and java script. There are many solutions are available on another blogging sites. But, here I will show you one the most relevant method which is compatible in all modern browsers.

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How to disable datatable warning message by jquery

jQuery, Tutorials | 02 January 2019

Disable javascript error/warning for datatable reinitialization for add more features like pagination, sorting order, add more filters in particular column. Prevent datatable reinitialize error using this.

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How to have one form with multiple actions

HTML, Tutorials | 01 January 2019

The easiest I can think of is to dynamically change the form action when clicking each button (of type button, not submit which is the default), and then submit the form.

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How to use custom category pagination in wordpress?

Wordpress | 31 December 2018

I have a custom loop on a custom template page in WordPress that is showing posts from a particular category. This all works great and shows everything I need, however I need to add some pagination … eventually.

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How to style a select dropdown with only CSS for all modern browsers?

CSS, HTML, Tutorials | 27 December 2018

To hide the default arrow on select menu element from all major browsers using one simple set of property. Then you can also used to add background image instead of that arrow.

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Turn off enclosing p tags in CKEditor

jQuery, Tutorials | 26 December 2018

In this post, we are going to show how remove p tags auto add in ckeditor content while store in database using set ckeditor autoparagraph false in script

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How to add or load a model in Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter, Tutorials | 25 December 2018

In this Blog, we will learn that how can we load a model in codeigniter and how we can use method of model using controller.

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